Development is one of the cornerstones of empowerment. The Award Programme has proven itself to be a powerful developmental tool for young people. The core of the Programme is based on self-development.

The four pillars of the Programme:

  • skill development,
  • physical recreation,
  • community service,and
  • the adventurous journey.

The involvement of young people in these four activities, with the mentorship of Award Leaders, changes their perception about themselves and their world.  It teaches them about vital issues such as health, political and social life, as well as the environment.

Completion of the Programme also equips the individual for further training and fulfilling work. Both tertiary institutions and the place of work, increasingly see value in the Award Programme.  As the youth integrate the values of the Programme into their lives, they become empowered, believing that they can turn their dreams into realities. Empowered youth can make informed choices and are less likely to compromise their future.

The President’s Award can be justifiably proud of the part the organisation has played in bringing about change in the lives of over 130,000 young people in South Africa since 1983.  It is also proud of its membership of the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Association, as part of a family of over 140 countries that operate the Award around the world.

Please read the  International Award – Measuring Impact here.