Award Units Youth Committees:

Many Award Units (schools, community youth groups) have their own youth committees to help organise activities for Award participants in their school or community youth group.  It is a wonderful way to practice your leadership abilities.  As an organisation we encourage this sort of youth engagement, so that you have many opportunities to practise your leaderships skills, rather than it being theoretic.

If there is not one where you are, start one!

Regional Youth Committees:

There are currently 5 regional youth committees operating in South Africa.  Each one has a number of Award participants like you, representing different Award Units (schools /community youth groups) …

  • Cape Town
  • Grahamstown
  • Port Elizabeth
  • Mthatha
  • Johannesburg

Contact your Regional Office to find out how you can be involved. It is a great way to meet new people also involved in the Award!

Purpose of a regional youth committee:

To bring together young people within a town/city from different Award Units, to work together on joint projects.  These projects could be fundraising initiatives or marketing initiatives in order to raise the profile of the Award in their area.  You must be an active Bronze, Silver or Gold participant to be part of a regional youth committee.

Past initiatives by regional youth committees have included – fun-runs, coin-drives, clothing collections, designing of a tri-lingual information pamphlet for the region, assisting with Youth Dialogue Workshops and litter cleanups.

The first Youth Committee in The President’s Award (TPA) was established in the mid-1990s amongst participating schools in Grahamstown.


“My dear young people, I see the light in your eyes, the energy of your bodies and the hope that is in your spirit. I know that  it is you, not I, who will make the future.  It is you, not I, who will fix our wrongs and carry forward all that is right in the world.”

Nelson Mandela, Founding Patron-in-Chief of The President’s Award for Youth Empowerment