How old do I have to be?

Between the ages of 14 and 24 years. See Programme Guidelines.

Where can I do the Award?

In a school, community youth group, residential youth facility, organisation such as Scouts, Guides, etc or as an individual.

Is the Award in my area?

You can contact the closest Regional Office to find out.

Is there a specific time/date that I have to enrol?

No, you can enrol at any time of the year. It is best to be part of a group of young people doing it, if you can. It helps with motivation and support. If the Award Programme is already running where you are, get in touch with the Award Leader to assist with your enrolment.

If I’m unsure of my choice of activities and the Section it will qualify for, who can I contact?

You should be able to ask you Award Leader, or failing that, be in touch with your Regional Office to get clarity.

Will an activity prior to enrolling count towards my Award?

No, only activities that you take part in from the time you have enrolled can count.

What is the enrolment fee?

The enrolment fee is an amount paid per level which covers basic administration costs. Our enrolment fee increases annually, on the 1 March. Click here for the most current enrolment fees.

How do I enrol?

If the Award Programme is operating in your school or organisation, be in touch with your Award Leader who will assist you with the process. To find out who your Award Leader is, contact the Regional Office that serves you province. You will need to complete an Enrolment Form, signed by your parent or guardian and pay your enrolment fee before you are deemed to be a participant.

Where do I pay my enrolment fee?

Ask your Award Leader, or make contact with your Regional Office.

What happens once I have enrolled?

Once you are enrolled it is important to plan your journey through the different sections by deciding what activities you will do under each section e.g. AP Maths as a skill, Soccer as a physical recreation activity, etc. This must preferably be done with the assistance of the Award Leader / adult mentor.

Record each activity undertaken towards a Section e.g. 2 hours of service at SPCA, and have the activity verified by the activity coach / supervisor on duty. Please see an example of a recording sheet. (link to be created) Were and whenever possible collect/compile information, e.g. photos, certificates, reports, letters verifying all activities undertaken that can be collated in a Portfolio of Evidence. (link to be created)

What should I do once I have completed all the sections?

Ensure all the required sections are signed off by the relevant Activity Coach/Supervisor in the Portfolio of Evidence and/or Record Book and hand it in to your Award Leader or submit to your nearest Regional Office.

It is also advisable to submit the completed enrolment form for the next level with your completed Portfolio of Evidence or Record Book to prevent a delay with starting the next level.