South African Gold Award Holders’ Association – SAGAHA

Once you have achieved your Gold Award, we would love you to stay connected to the organisation.  We would love to use your experience of doing the Award in helping support the activities of the Award so that you can continue to contribute to your own development and the development of others through your involvement with the South African Gold Award Holders’ Association.

Because South Africa is so large geographically there are regional structures that you are able to connect to.  They are situated in:

  • Western Cape
  • Gauteng
  • Eastern Cape 


What will I get out of belonging to SAGAHA?

  1. You will keep connected to a dedicated group of Gold Award Holders nationally.
  2. If you are actively involved in SAGAHA you will be considered for attendance the International Gold Event (IGE)  which see Gold Award Holders from around the world gather and chart the direction of the Award internationally.   In recent years 8 SAGAHA members have represented the Award in South Africa  at an International Gold Event (IGE) … Hong Kong, Mauritius and Kenya.  In 2014, the International Gold Event  is in South Korea.
  3. Assist as Programme Directors of prestigious Gold Award Ceremonies, Presidential Dinners and other marketing events of the Award Programme in South Africa.
  4. Assist with Service Projects and Adventurous Journeys within a region, so that others are able to complete the Bronze, Silver or Gold Awards.


How do I get involved?

All Gold Award Holders can become members of SAGAHA.

Click on the SAGAHA pamphlet here.

Click on the Gold Award Holder Contact Details Form here.

Contact Janine Hansen to find out more.

The opportunities are endless!