The President’s Award for Youth Empowerment is a registered non-profit organisation (004-920 NPO) and is registered with the South African Revenue Services under the 18A legislation as a Public Benefit Organisation, which enables donors to have a tax rebate on donations to the organisation (PBO: 930001329).

The governance issues within the organisation are very robust and are overseen by The President’s Award for Youth Empowerment Trust,  which meets once a quarter.  An annual general meeting is held once a year where our auditors, Deloitte & Touche, present our audited financial statements.

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Organisationally, we are not dependent on one group of donors and engage broadly with South African Corporate Donors, Government Departments, South African Trusts as well as International Donors.

Logos of our current Funders 2014-15

In-kind donations:

We have over the years appreciated the in-kind support from a number of donors, both regionally and nationally.

National in-kind support has included in recent years:

  • Avis for subsidised vehicle hire.
  • Newsclip Media Monitoring for capturing our media presence nationally.
  • Deloitte & Touche for our annual financial audit.